Ambulance and drivers 

The hospital has 1 medicalised ambulance and 2 transport ambulances of which is earmarked for reform. There are 4 drivers: the driver working with the director is the chief-driver and the other 3 drivers run shifts and take calls such that the hospital has a driver to render the ambulance operational 24/24. The necessity fora driver to be in the hospital 24/24 is for the following reasons:
  1. Readily available to go and take any patient called by a health facility within the South-west  regione.g district hospitals, medicalised health centre, or some Intergrated health centres, to convey the patient to the RHL.
  2. Referrals out of the RHL or other assimilated health facilities to a higher level of care such as Reference hospitals in Douala (HLD, HGD, HGPD, ...) or Yaounde.
  3. The drivers also run few errands like rapid drug dispensation to patients, collection of distilled water from SONARA, emergency drug supplies, consumables and blood dispensation to other health facilities.
  4. During night, shifts upon request, the back-up specialists are picked up from their residence by ambulance to handle critical cases. In case of massive influx of patients, the drivers will have to reinforce the team on duty by picking up required staff.