Day care center

Also called CTA (Centre de Traitementagréé), this unit is specialized IN screening, management and follow up of patient living with HIV/AIDS. As of June 2018, the center has more than 3800 active files. All these clients are served with ARVs on a monthly basis and this treatment is free of charge all over the national territory. The successes of this center cannot be over emphasized. Sixty-six percent (66%) of those who did their follow up viral load revealed undetectable. Meaning that the virus is at its lowest level and so the immune status of these clients are restored.

​However, they will not stop treatment. We are optimistic that if all centers follow up their patients strictly and also all the patients comply with their ARV treatments, we are going to stop the HIV pandemic. This center is in line with the UNAIDS strategy 90-90-90 which means that 90% of people living with HIV know their status; 90% of those who know their status are put on treatment; and 90% of those on treatment have their viral load suppressed. In this center we have medical doctors, pharmacists, nurses, data clerks and psychosocial workers.