Our objectives

Some achievements in 2nd Semester

  • Construction an office in Pediatric ward
  • Construction of a waste disposal unit (incinerator)
  • Review price lists (surgery, hospitalization, acts, lab etc)
Rehabilitation of:
  • Maternity
  • Laboratory
  • Pediatric, Surgical wards
  • Construct corridor linking Solidarity ward to Maternity
  • Renovation of new TB lab (Lab n° 2)
  • Renovation of abandoned building by Hon Etombi

​​Plans for 1st Sem 2018​

  • ​Rehabilitation of Ambulance garage
  • Rehabilitation of wards:
–Medical wards
–General wards
  • Acquire ELISA Machine for the lab.
–27 new tests (hormonals, PSA, hep., Toxo, chlamydia, HbcA1, etc
  • Finalise quality improvement plan
  • Create blood donors association in Hospital
  • Finalise Emergency care plan.
  • Preparations for AFCON 2019

Major Challenges

  • Replacement of doctors who left the hospital (6 doctors)
  • Replacement of 20 EGPAF staff who left the hospital at the end of the organization’s activities. (DELTA)
  • Rendering the Medicalised Ambulance in VW garage in Douala functional.
  • Energy crisis.
  • Equipment not fully functional (Imaging and ICU)
  • Treasury crisis with long delay to withdraw cash
  • Execution of 2018 budget by PBF principles
  • Paving the road from OPD to Imaging centre/private ward
  • Retrieve staff houses in the nurses quarters