Outpatient department (Casualty/Emergency unit)

This is the reception area for all visitors especially the patients. We have the following units :
  1. Information desk : Here we have a staff who does orientation for those needing assistance or an information.
  2. Triage : on this desk, the vital signs and main complaints for new patients are taken. Here, emergency cases are rapidly identifed and taken care of using the Manchester triage system.
  3. Almoner : this is where the various cashiers (or revenue collectors) are stationed.
  4. Screening unit : there are two screening desks headed by nurses. Here, the nurses take the main complaints, registers the patient and take all personal information/contacts concerning the patient and carers. Vital parameters are also controlled at this level.
  5. Doctors consultation rooms : Here we have both general practitioners and specialist doctors.
  6. Observation room : Here we have four beds where patients are observed for at most four hours.
  7. Casualty : Here we carry out minor surgical procedures such as suturing of wounds, wound dressing, incision of small abscesses.
  8. ECG/Echography : Here we can do rapid electrocardiograms and a FAST (i.e. Rapid emergency ultrasound)