Presentation of the Hospital

The Regional Hospital Limbe was created in the 1940s.It has a capacity of 200 hospitalization beds of which 10 are private rooms. This facility is different from what it used to be some years back. These changes can be seen in the domain of infrastructure, equipment and personnel.

In the domain of personnel we have a total of 242 active staff of which 167 are state employed. Out of these staff are 38 Medical Doctors of which 28 are Specialists as follows; 1 Internist, 1 Diabetologist/Endocrinologist, 5 Surgeons(1 Urologist, 3 General Surgeons, 1 Orthopedic surgeon),2 Cardiologists, 5 Pharmacists, 3 Radiologists, 1 Anaesthetist doctor, 2 ENT (ORL), 1 Medical Biologist, 1 Ophthalmologist, 1 Pneumologist, 2 Dental Surgeons, 1 Pediatrician, 2 Gynecologists and10 General Practitioners (GPs), not forgetting 4practicing GPs.

In the area of equipment: We are blessed with equipment for 2 new operating theatres and intensive care unit. We also have a well-equipped Imaging Centre where we can carry out CT Scans, mammography, dental tomography, ultrasounds and X-rays. There are other equipment for the Neonatology and Private wards. We equally have a medicalised ambulance, a standby automatic generator of 170KWA which supplies the entire hospital in case of electricity outages, just to mention a few.Efforts to upgrade the hospital with up-to-date technical plateau is still ongoing.

In the domain of infrastructure and services offered:We have 17 buildings distributed into various services as follows; The administrative block which harbors the Administrative Offices, the Pediatric training centre of excellence for HIV management, the Dentistry, Neonatology, BEPHA Health Insurance office and the Canteen; the Imaging centre block; the Theatre and ICU; the Diabetes and Hypertension clinic; the Maternity; doctors call residence; Medical students rest house or dormitory;the kitchen and nutritional demonstration unit; Tuberculosis unit; Maintenance / Hygiene and Sanitation unit; the Surgical wards; the Medical wards; the Pediatric ward; the Eye department; Security posts, the Mortuary department; the Outpatient department (OPD) and the Antenatal, postnatal and Infant welfare centre (ANC/IWC).

Academic Case presentation during ward rounds in Regional Hospital Limbe

​Presentation of the mortuary service of REGIONAL HOSPITAL LIMBE